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Hi! My name is Michael and I am a student at the University of Southern California with a major in Journalism and a minor in Cinematic Arts. I started The Relevant Report because I wanted to write and create content that I am passionate about. The majority of the content on the website is fact-based opinion articles, event coverage of USC and Los Angeles sponsored , and solo media production that I complete as a student.

As a aspiring film student , I founded Mike’s Movie Magic as a segment for film reviews, so I can analyze and delve deeper into the movies I watch. I have always enjoyed watching movies, and after taking a film course at USC titled CTCS 467: Film and TV Analysis, I grew enchanted with a career in film reviewing and entertainment reporting (film production as well). After attending and reporting on the 2019 Academy Awards Ceremony, I was sure that I wanted to continue treading on this path.

I am always looking for opportunities to grow my reporting and production skills, so please contact me regarding any questions or concerns! My email is Tsengmc@usc.edu